How we Work

Our methodology is simple to explain, even if it takes expertise, experience and hard work to implement:


We see the challenges of the future in the world we live in today. We see technology as the way to overcome many of these challenges, so we develop concepts that work economically, environmentally and offer utterly new approaches from what others may be doing or even just thinking.


Theoretical development

Our employed team of theoretical physicists and materials specialists look at which properties are desirable, which are vital and which bring something new to the table, coming up with ideas and theories as to what material(s) could achieve these objectives. They then set about modelling possibilities and testing theoretical outcomes before passing their findings on.


Experimental development

Nothing beats real-world testing, which is why we don’t stop at the theory stage. We have the facilities to design products and create brand new materials and systems, testing them in line with the expected outcomes generated at the theoretical stage.


Iterative development

Where the two stages don’t quite tie up, or room for improvement is spotted, our theoretical and experimental teams work closely together to create ever more accurate models and ever more impressive samples and prototypes.


Product creation

The final stage for us is bringing the concept out into the real world. This means creating not just materials and ideas, but real applications and products. We consider user interfaces, software development and integration, controls and ergonomics – all from the ground up to be the newest and best. We develop samples and test versions of everything we create, ensuring our innovations will pass muster in practise.


Unit 2, De Clare Court, Pontygwindy Industrial Estate, Caerphilly, Mid Glamorgan, CF83 3HU    Phone: +44 (0) 2920 849009