Did you know that a conventional petrol engine car takes advantage of less than 20% of the fuel it burns to actually run it?

Did you know that the manufacture of that car requires the equivalent fossil fuel usage of six years actually running the vehicle?

Facts like these inspire us at Deregallera. They inspire us to improve, to seek out new ideas, new materials and new ways of thinking. In fact, they inspired us to build our own car, as the polar opposite from these inefficient, polluting vehicles that clog our highways.

We built ours ourselves, out of wood. We built its electric motor, and its battery. We developed its active suspension, its torque vectoring and a completely new control and information feedback system and vehicle graphics. We built it to prove that it can be built, and we’ll never stop looking at the world in this way.

It’s this way of thinking that makes Deregallera really stand out from the crowd. We publish weekly internal reports so that everybody knows what everyone else is working on, and encourage innovation and ideas from across the organisation, including from our many university partnerships and PhD sponsorships.


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