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    We strive to: Improve energy generation & storage

    Novel materials, novel designs

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    We strive to: Improve transport

    High performance electric drive and battery technology

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    We strive to: Discover and improve materials

    Hypothesise, synthesise, analyse & productionise

Deregallera - innovation to save the planet!

Our Ethos - with clean hands, pass the baton of planet custodianship to our children.

  • Materials Research

With many years experience in the field of inorganic materials research our mission is to explore and evolve new materials that improve the performance, life expectancy, power density and environmental impact of electrical and electronic equipment. Typical areas of research include energy storage, electric traction, power generation and power semiconductors.

  • Transport and Energy

Our engineering team possess a wealth of experience in the fields of high power transport drive systems and power generation technologies. From large under water drives to light weight digital motor drives or high efficiency wind turbine generators our combined expertise adds up to over a hundred years.

  • Waste Minimisation

Our group philosophy starts with the premise that we can improve upon many designs. Improving the selection and use of materials to better utilise our planet's resources is an underlying theme in all our design projects.  Our team makes use of the materials research and technology developments of our other sectors to provide designs and solutions that harmoniously address the conflicts between present needs and future conditions.